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Our Farming

Aylesbury Escargots Research and Development Farm is the Britian's largest free-range commercial producer of Helix aspersa/Gros gris - the edible snails. Our research and development trials push the boundaries maximising our knowledge and enabling us to produce the finest quality outdoor-reared snails; this year allowing a harvest of in excess 5 tonnes.

The primary reason that we commercially farm outdoors is we are able to follow the natural life cycle of a happy snail, thus giving us the finest tasting sustainable snails money can buy.

Our snails are traceable, independently microbiologically tested, and we carry (EHO) Food Approved processing number UK AY022 EC.

We offer an introductory farm tour for those interested in setting up a snail farm. This half-day introduction to snail farming provides an insight into our work. The tour touches on all areas and allows farmers to see if diversification could work for their farm and shows how snail farming does not mean you have to commit to a full change of farming (both hatchery and growing are not full year). This then ¬¬ensures specific farms could choose to specialise in their own area of snail farming.

If you are interested in attending, please contact us.

We have learnt that snail farming is labour-intensive, and being able to offer a "Farm-to-Fork" service is demanding and costly. By farming in a structured and regulated environment, we are minimising error, ensuring the snails' welfare, and maximising production without compromising quality.

We will soon be offering a ‘Foundation in Free Range Snail Farming in the UK’ course with a limited amount of places for 2015. This will consist of all the basic requirements for snail farming and offer areas to specialise in. Please contact us to express and interest.