Escargot Pearls

Snail Caviar - the Jewels of our Farm

Chefs across Europe are already serving the highly-prized delicacy, which centuries ago starred in banquets for wealthy Romans, Egyptians and Greeks.

We have named them 'Escargot Pearls', as they have a pearl-like appearance, they are luxurious and add a glossy finish to a variety of dishes. A perfect autumnal addition to a menu, the Escargot Pearls marry up beautifully with beetroot, black pudding, beef, and many other protein dishes. Escargot Pearls are excellent in giving a dish that extra lift and dimension, with quite literally a burst of flavour on the palate!

These tiny eggs, which taste slightly earthy, foresty and have a mineral finish, can be marinated in herbs with a delicate taste. In the past they have been known as 'Pearls of Aphrodite' for their supposed aphrodisiac quality.

A luxury item with a price tag to match, as with all caviar it is a tedious process to produce just a few grammes. It is a labour of love, but once tried I am sure you will agree it is totally worth it.

Escargot Pearls are stunning used on canapés and can add a wonderful salt element to a dish. They not only look and taste fabulous, they create a fantastic talking point amongst diners and tasters alike.

Beetroot and apple salad with snail caviar canapés flew out when we provided tasters at the Artisan Market weekend. We made 600+ canapés and feedback was amazing! Our tasters' tastebuds "danced with delight" - it was incredible to see the hesitation on their faces turn to pure pleasure.

A blini topped with beetroot and apple salad and Escargot Pearls with a good glass of bubbles...... what more could you ask for?

Recipe for Escargot Pearl Blini as published in the Independent newspaper.

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