Our Escargots

We farm Helix aspersa snails, which is the type that looks very much like a garden snail; the difference is ours grow much faster as they do not have to forage for their food. They are the cousin of the garden snail. They live 'free range' in our Snail Park.

From eggs they are very closely monitored until they morph into a tiny snail (although called hatchlings they don't actually hatch!) Once morphed they are transferred to the Park to complete their growth.

Our snails have the advantage of being able to roam and live as naturally as a garden snail would. They enjoy the weather and are given extra feed, showers daily, and even have their own plants to eat, grown fresh in the Park each season.

From hatch to harvest for us is approximately 16 weeks. We take the snails ready for the restaurants before they reach maturity. They are then purged to enable them to clear their digestive system. The snails are then hibernated prior to going out on order.

Our Escargots are tender and succulent and will rid any thoughts or memories you may have of them being tough and rubbery and overpowered by the taste of garlic. Snails have a wonderful earthy, mushroomy flavour and should not need to be disguised with any other flavour. Grown, harvested and prepared correctly they have the power to stand alone, and are a food that is very underestimated - not only for their taste and texture but also their nutritional qualities.

We supply directly from our farm as we like to complete the full process from "Farm to Fork".

We supply restaurants, brasseries, food service business, and retail - not forgetting individual customers for private functions.

Our Products

We offer a range of products including live, blanched out-of-their-shells snails; fully cooked braised snails; snails in shells dressed with garlic butter; empty shells for presentation; and not forgetting snail caviar.

We are able to provide our produce to both chefs and retail and offer discounts according to volume.

All prices are subject to postage & packing charges.

Chefs and Retailers Please call us on 07525 416994 for discounts

Please see our contact page for details of how to order.