Braised SnailsBraised Snails

25g carrots
25g shallots
1 cloves garlic
10g parsley
25g celery
150g brown chicken stock
70g white wine
5 black peppercorns
100g blanched Aylesbury Escargot snails
10g thyme
10g rosemary
1 small bay leaf

Sweat all the veg off with the oil, followed by the herbs and spices, add the white wine and reduce by half, add the chicken stock and bring to simmer. Wash the snails and dry well, fry them hard in a little olive oil for a couple of minutes to get a little colour.

Put the snails in the liquor, cover with parchment paper and braise at 120c for 3-4 hours until tender. Allow to cool in the liquor, then drain off and store in the fridge till ready.

To present the dish, heat a frying pan with a big spoon of garlic butter until it foams, add snails on a low heat till warm. Serve on toast with garlic crisps, parsley leaves and a generous sprinkling of Escargot pearls.

Beetroot Salad on a Buckwheat BliniBeetroot Salad on a Buckwheat Blini

150g milk
8g fresh yeast
75g Buckwheat flour
50g plain flour
1 egg yolk
150g egg white

1 small baked beetroot finely diced
1 small granny smith apple finely diced
25g of escargot pearls
1tsp of thyme leaves
1 tblsp vinaigrette
maldon sea salt to taste

Mix all blini ingredients together in a bowl with a whisk and leave covered in the fridge overnight.

Spoon small dots of the batter into a medium hot frying pan with a tiny bit of oil, cook till golden on both sides. Mix all salad ingredients together and spoon a generous helping onto a blini. Best enjoyed with a glass of bubbles!

More to come soon. Should you require a different recipe then call or email the details of your event and requirements and we will endeavour to create you a menu to suit your wishes. We are always delighted to have a challenge and our development team always rise to the occasion.